Welcome to the home of KORG Berlin, led by Tatsuya Takahashi.

Our products need to be worth the heat to smelt the ore, the hands in the assembly, the gasoline burnt to carry, the space in your minds and the voice to which it is married.

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KORG Berlin is a transdisciplinary development team designing new musical instruments. We recognise that releasing a product always has societal, cultural, economical and environmental impact.

Our goal is to be positive in every one of them.

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We’re hiring a Production Engineer in Berlin.


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Production Engineer

Production Engineer

at KORG Berlin

Onsite in Berlin, Kreuzberg
Starting Third Quarter 2024
Applications open until 28.06.2024

About us

KORG Berlin is a transdisciplinary development team designing new musical instruments. As a team, we operate on the belief that releasing a product always has societal, economical, and environmental impact – our goal is to be positive in all of them.

We are located in the district of Berlin-Kreuzberg and pride ourselves on fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, encouraging applications from individuals of all backgrounds. To honour our commitment to diversity, we will prioritise supporting and fostering gender and racially diverse professionals applying to our open positions.

Looking for

A Production Engineer with at least three years of experience to join a multidisciplinary team of engineers to assist us in bringing new products into production. You will be involved within the design stage of new product development to give input at the design phase as well as preparing for mass production. Some of your tasks will include:

— Logistics & supply chain management spanning from prototyping to manufacturing
— Coordination of reliability and compliance testing
— Liaising with QA teams at KORG Headquarters in Tokyo
— Management of release of manufacturing data

How to apply

Please message [email protected] with the header “[PE Application]”

  • Short Introduction of yourself / cover letter
  • CV
  • A project that you loved working on or a work sample of any kind
  • A picture of your working desk or working setup

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

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