Welcome to the home of KORG Berlin, led by Tatsuya Takahashi.

Our products need to be worth the heat to smelt the ore, the hands in the assembly, the gasoline burnt to carry, the space in your minds and the voice to which it is married.

Book of Designs

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KORG Berlin is a transdisciplinary development team designing new musical instruments. We recognise that releasing a product always has societal, cultural, economical and environmental impact.

Our goal is to be positive in every one of them.

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Kids' Sweater

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MeetAnna,Fabian,Iarla,Luca,Lukas,Rachel,Samantha,Tats,Tom andVerena.

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Book of Designs

Curious about what we get up to when we aren’t making instruments?

This book is all about celebrating the joy of making things. Inside its contents are 21 office objects found in the KORG Berlin space, ranging in scale from coat hooks to speakers to storage units. These designs are made open-source with dimensioned drawings and a list of materials with their associated cost. 

Our book is meant to inspire those who wish to build, instead of buy, the objects you surround yourself with. 

Our spiral-bound book is printed locally in Berlin on 100% recycled paper, FSC®-certified and produced carbon neutrally with 100% wind energy.

  • Published in 2024 
  • English (1st Edition)
  • 30.8 × 21.4cm
  • Softcover
  • 70 pages



Verena Glup, Samantha Melnyk, Tatsuya Takahashi

Max Hacke, Lukas Hartmann, Tatsuya Takahashi, Samantha Melnyk, Felix Xylander-Swannell

Max Hausmann, Samantha Melnyk

Katie Filek

Florian Karsten

Leonhard Clemens

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